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Low airflow from car vents – Nissan Blower Issues

Why isn’t my blower blowing hard – Nissan

Nissan has issued a service bulletin to address a low airflow from car vents problem in some of  2004-11 minivans and light trucks. The low airflow from car vents problem may show up as restricted airflow, low airflow, or even no airflow from the HVAC vents when the blower motor is set on low speed.  The problem occurs most often in high humidity conditions when the AC system has been running for a while. The low airflow problem is due to a frozen evaporator coil. The high humidity, low blower speed, and a faulty intake temperature sensor causes the humidity to freeze on the evaporator. It slowly builds to the point where the ice completely restricts the airflow.

Fix the low airflow from car vents problem by replacing the sensor with an improved design (27700-ZC00A). The service bulletin applies to these vehicles:

2004-08 Quest minivans, Titan pickups & Armada SUVs
2005-11 Frontier pickup trucks and Pathfinder & Xterra SUVs.

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