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Mercedes-Benz Oil Specifications

Mercedes-Benz Oil Specifications

MB 226.5

Required for Mercedes vehicles with petrol engines supplied by the RenaultNissan Alliance. Specification requirements are similar to MB 229.5.

MB 226.51

Based on RN0720 and is recommended for Mercedes vehicles with DPF fitted diesel engines supplied by Renault. Oils meeting this specification have very good thermal stability and after-treatment compatibility.

MB 228.1

Heavy-duty, diesel engine oil specification for MB engines without ASSYST. Meets ACEA E2 and additional MB demands.

MB 228.3

Heavy-duty, multigrade, diesel engine oil specification superseding MB 228.1.

MB 228.31

Heavy-duty, low ash, diesel engine oil.

MB 228.5

Heavy-duty, multigrade, diesel engine oil specification superseding MB 228.3.

MB 228.51

Heavy-duty, diesel engine oil specification applicable for high-performance engines meeting Euro 4 emissions standards. Can also be used for Euro 3, Euro 2, and Euro 1 requirements.

MB 229.1

For petrol and diesel engines. Minimum quality required ACEA A2/B2 with additional limits on the engine.

MB 229.3

For petrol and diesel engines. Minimum quality required ACEA A3/B3/B4 and MB 229.1. It can only certify 0/5 W-X oils.

MB 229.31

Multigrade, low SAPS engine oil, advised for both diesel and petrol engines of Mercedes Benz, Smart and Chrysler. Only low viscosity engine oils which can realize a 1,0% saving on used fuel in the M111 Fuel economy test (CEC L-54-T-96) can get this approval. In this test, the fuel savings are compared to the performance of the Reference oil RL 191 (SAE 15W-40).

MB 229.5

MB sheet for energy conserving oils for a certain car and van engines. Approved oils must meet ACEA A3, B3 & B4 specifications and some additional demands by Daimler Chrysler AG. Oil must be on the approval list.

MB 229.51

Low SAPS Long Life engine oil for diesel engines with particle filter meeting emission EU-4 -> standards.

MB 229.52

Oils meeting this specification must have lower ash content, at least 1% better fuel economy compared to the requirements of MB 229.31 & MB 229.51 and better oxidation stability for biofuel compatibility. Can also be used where an MB 229.31 or an MB 229.51 oil is required. Just like MB 229.5 and MB 229.51 this spec requires a long-life oil. Specification for BlueTEC OM642.xxx engines

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