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Mix different types of coolants

Can you mix different types of coolants?


What happens when you mix different types of coolants?

The anti-corrosion additive packages in different types of coolants can cause damage to the metals in your engine and cooling system.

For example, some additive packages, when mixed with a different type of coolant can neutralize the anti-corrosion protection of both types, leaving you with no anti-corrosion protection.

Other additive packages can react with one another, actually enabling corrosion, resulting in pitting and rust-through.

Still other additive packages can react with one another to form abrasive particulate matter that wears out water pump seals or causing the two coolant to gel and clog the heater core and radiator.

How long does it take for damage to occur when mixing different types of coolant?

It can take 6-months to two years for the damage to occur. This is why people discount the damaging effects of mixing different types of coolants.

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