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New Brake Pad Eliminates Premature Rust Failures


New Brake Pad Eliminates Premature Rust Failures

NUCAP announces the introduction of galvanized NRS™ steel brake pads

NUCAP, a manufacturer of innovative brake products announced the introduction of their own line of brake pads that incorporate their galvanized steel NRS™ backing plate. Premature backing plate rust causes the brake friction material to detach from the backing plate, causing squeal, screech and even friction material break off. Losing a portion of the friction material can dramatically increase stopping distance and put you at risk.

Ordinary brake pads fail prematurely because of rust

All brake pads are mounted to a steel backing plate. Most brake pad manufacturers paint the steel plate to enhance product appearance and reduce corrosion. However, brake pads operate in an incredibly harsh environment, going from freezing cold to upwards of 400°F in a single brake application. Over time, the extreme temperature changes and high heat cause the paint and bonding adhesive to degrade and crack. That’s when corrosion sets in.

Rust expands as it spreads and can exert extreme outward

brake pad backing plate

Brake pad friction material delamination AND break-off

pressure on the friction material and glue that holds it on the steel backing plate. This expansion is referred to as “rust jacking” or “rust burst” and eventually forces the friction material to separate from the backing plate. This separation is referred to as delamination. As rust jacking progresses, the brake pad can actually  break apart, with portions falling off the vehicle. With less friction material, you can experience a dramatic reduction in braking power and a corresponding increase in stopping distances.

Galvanized steel backing plates resists corrosion and delamination

The galvanization process coats the base metal with zinc which prevents rust from forming.

brake pad backing plate

NUCAP NRS galvanized steel brake pad backing plate with mechanical attachment

In addition to using a galvanized backing plate, NUCAP brake pads also incorporate a mechanical retention system to secure the brake pad friction material to the backing plate. The NUCAP NRS retention system eliminates glue and all the problems associated with glue degradation caused by high heat and rust. Instead, the galvanized NRS steel backing plate is built with integral hooks that fasten to the friction material during the molding process.

A galvanized steel backing plate reduces premature brake pad failure due to rust and delamination. Since a typical brake job can cost $400 or more, it makes sense to spend just a bit more for brake pads made with galvanized steel backing plates and NUCAP’s NRS retention system. For more information on brake pad backing plates and premature brake pad failure, read this post.

NUCAP press release galvanized steel brake pads

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