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P0096 F150

Diagnose and fix trouble code P0096 F150

Ford Service bulletin 12-6-7 for P0096 f150

Ford has issued a service bulletin to address a FALSE trouble code P0096 F150 on 2-11-12 Ford F150 vehicles with the 3.5L engine with a build date on or BEFORE 2/7/12.

What is trouble code P0096?

P0096    Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit Range Performance

The computer uses data from the intake air temperature sensor to calculate the proper air/fuel mixtures. It expects to see values within a certain range. If the values fall outside of that range, the computer sets a trouble code and lights the check engine light.

Fix for P0096 F150

In most cases, the fix for the trouble code would involve testing the

ECT, engine coolant temperature sensor

sensor itself and the wiring harness. However, in this case, Ford has identified a software glitch that’s mis-interpreting the data from the sensor. If your F150 has the 3.5L engine with GTDI fuel injection AND it was built on or before 2/7/12. Do NOT replace the sensor. The fix is to update the software.

F150 software flash

A software flash update can be performed by any Ford dealer or many independent shops that are equipped to handle reprogramming. The flash update is NOT FREE. It is NOT a recall. Plan to pay $150 to $225 for the software update.

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