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P2270, P2272 Ford

Diagnose and fix trouble codes P2270, P2272

Ford service bulletin 12-7-9 fix for P2270, P2272

Ford has issued a service bulletin to address trouble codes P2270, P2272 on 2010-2011 Ranger, 2010-2012 Navigator and 2010-2012 E-Series, Expedition, F-150, F-Super Duty vehicles. The bulletin applies to these vehicles with these engine combinations:

2010 F-150 vehicles a 4.6L or 5.4L engine
2011-2012 F-150 vehicles with 5.0L engine, F-Super Duty vehicles with a 5.4L, 6.2L or 6.8L engine,

Expedition, Navigator, Ranger, and Econoline vehicles built on or before  4/1/2012

P2270, P2272 cause

Both codes relate to the POST-cat oxygen sensors on bank 1 and bank 2. image of Ford oxygen sensorThe codes indicate the computer is seeing the sensors stuck lean.

P2270 O2 sensor signal stuck lean Bank 1 sensor 2
P2272 O2 sensor signal stuck lean Bank 2 sensor 2

The post cat sensors should report a stead signal to indicate that the cat converter is doing its job by cleaning up the exhaust. The pre-cat oxygen sensor should show rapid change between rich and lean, but the post cat sensor should read in the middle.

Ford has determined the fault lies in the sensors. Ford has updated the sensors and the fix is to replace the faulty sensors with new part numbers listed below.

F85Z-9G444-BA  (2010-2011) Expedition/Navigator/E-Series, 2011 F-SuperDuty 6.2L, 2010-2012 F-Super Duty 5.4L/6.8L – LH/RH

F85Z-9G444-F (2010 F-150 4.6L 2V, 4.6L 3V, 5.4L – RH/LH Bank for 4X2 and Electric Transfer Case 4×4 And RH Only Manual Transfer Case 4×4)

F85Z-9G444-E (2010-2011 Ranger 2.3L – LH/RH / 2010-2011 Ranger 4.0L LH)

BL3Z-9G444-A (2011-2012 F150 5.0L LH/RH)

BL3Z-9G444-B (2012 Expedition/Navigator/F-SuperDuty 6.2L – LH/RH)

9L3Z-9G444-B (2010 F150 4.6L 2V, 4.6L 3V, 5.4L LH Only – Manual Transfer Case 4×4)

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