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P0234, P0299 F150 and other Fords

Diagnose and fix P0234, P0299 F150 and other Ford vehicles

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin #16-0013 to address trouble codes P0234, P0299 on the vehicles listed below. In addition to the trouble codes, you may also notice surging and noises similar to air rushing, hissing, a whoosh sound, whistle, grinding, growling or scraping.

Vehicles affected

2011-2015 F-150

2015 Expedition, Transit

2015 Navigator

The vehicles affected have the 3.5L GTDI engine with a build date on or before 2/28/2015

How to diagnose P0234, P0299

To see if this bulletin applies, first check the engine build date. If the vehicle was built on or before 2/28/2015, proceed with the following test. If it was built later, this bulletin does not apply.

Disconnect turbocharger wastegate actuator hose.

Connect a cooling system pressure tester with a pressure gauge to the turbocharger wastegate actuator.

Slowly increase pressure to the wastegate actuator and monitor the wastegate actuator rod. The rod should begin to extend at 3-9 psi and be fully extended at 12-19 psi.

Also, the wastegate shaft and arm should move smoothly from closed to fully open. If the wastegate actuator and arm operate smoothly and at the above pressures, this bulletin does not apply. If the wastgate actuator and rod don’t work smoothly or at the pressures listed, replace the turbocharger.

Ford part Numbers to correct P0234, P0299 F150

DL3Z-6K682-E     Turbocharger – Left Hand – 2013-2015 – F-150/2015 Expedition/Navigator/Transit

DL3Z-6K682-F     Turbocharger – Right Hand – 2013-2015 – F-150/2015 Expedition/Navigator/Transit

CL3Z-6K682-C     Turbocharger – Left Hand – 2011-2012 – F-150

CL3Z-6K682-D    Turbocharger – Right Hand – 2011-2012 – F-150

BL3Z-9450-A       Gasket – F-150/Expedition/Navigator/Transit (2 Req)

W716667-S900 Exhaust Stud – F-150/Expedition/Navigator/Transit (4 Req)

W520514-S440 Exhaust Nut – F-150/Expedition/Navigator/Transit (4 Req)

CL3Z-9450-A       Gasket – Exhaust Right Hand – F-150/Expedition/Navigator/Transit (1 Req)

CL3Z-9450-B       Gasket – Exhaust Left Hand – F-150/Expedition/Navigator/Transit (1 Req)

W715673-S900 Turbo Bolt – F-150/Expedition/Navigator/Transit (3 Req)

BL3Z-6N652-B    Gasket – Oil line – F-150/Expedition/Navigator/Transit (1 Req)

VC-3-B Motorcraft Orange Concentrated Antifreeze/Coolant

W711137-S442 Bolt – Steering Pinch – Transit (1 Req)

W500634-S442 Bolt – Bumper Bar – Transit (8 Req)

W711076-S442 Nut – Lower Ball Joint – Transit (2 Req)

W500633-S442 Bolt – Sway Bar Strap – Transit (4 Req)

W717155-S442 Bolt – Front Sub Frame – Transit (2 Req)

BK2Z-00812-A    Bolt – Steering Gear – Transit (3 Req)

BL3Z-6A968-B    Coolant Fitting

W702449-S442 Bolt – Bumper Bar – Transit (4 Req)

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