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P0299 2.0L turbo VW, Audi

Diagnose and fix P0299 2.0L turbo VW, Audi Trouble code P0299 2.0L turbo VW, Audi can be caused by many things and it’s a very common code on VW and Audis with the 2.0L turbo engine. Always start your diagnosis by checking for air leaks in the intake system. What is P0299? P0299 Turbocharger/Supercharger “A” Underboost Condition This code set when when the ECM sees a difference in set boost pressure versus actual boost pressure for 6-secs of > 150hPa at engine speeds >2200-2800RPM and altitude <2700m. Boost pressure control … Read More

P0234, P0299 F150 and other Fords

Diagnose and fix P0234, P0299 F150 and other Ford vehicles Ford has issued a technical service bulletin #16-0013 to address trouble codes P0234, P0299 on the vehicles listed below. In addition to the trouble codes, you may also notice surging and noises similar to air rushing, hissing, a whoosh sound, whistle, grinding, growling or scraping. Vehicles affected 2011-2015 F-150 2015 Expedition, Transit 2015 Navigator The vehicles affected have the 3.5L GTDI engine with a build date on or before 2/28/2015 How to diagnose P0234, P0299 To see if this bulletin … Read More

P0299 or P0234

Fix a turbo trouble code on GM GM has issued a service bulletin #09-06-93-004 to address a check engine service engine soon light and trouble codes P0299 or P0234 on the vehicles listed below. The P0299 Turbocharger Engine Underboost or P0234 Turbocharger Engine Overboost codes pertain to the turbocharger wastegate. 2008-2009 Chevrolet Cobalt, HHR 2008-2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP 2008-2009 Saturn SKY Redline 2008-2009 Opel GT 2008 Daewoo G2X with Engine RPO LNF and LDK (Europe) GM says the condition may be caused by a mis-adjusted wastegate. If you’re wondering why … Read More

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