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P0116 code Honda

P0116 code ECT sensor 1 range/performance problem


If you own one of the Honda vehicles listed below and get a P0116 code, read this post. Honda has issued a service bulletin #06-048 to address a P0116 ECT sensor 1 range/performance problem on these vehicles:


2005–06 Accord – ALL

2006 Civic – ALL

2005–06 CR-V – ALL

2006 Element – ALL

2005–06 Odyssey – ALL

2005–06 Pilot – ALL

2006 Ridgeline – ALL

2006 S2000 – ALL


Check the readings from the ECT #1 using a scan tool or DVOM. If the reading is correct, replacing the sensor will not solve the problem. The bulletin says the ECM/PCM is misinterpreting the temperature input from the sensor. Honda says the fix for the P0116 code is a software update.


Take the car to the dealer or any shop capable of performing a reflash. This bulletin is NOT a recall and you will have to pay for the reprogramming. Honda says the reflash takes less than ½ hour, so expect to pay for a diagnostic fee and a ½ hour labor.


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