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P0134 Honda Civic

Diagnose and fix trouble code P0134 Honda Civic

Honda has issued a service bulletin #10-062 to address Trouble codes P0134, P0135, P0171, or P1157 on 2006-08 Honda Civic Ci vehicles.

The trouble codes relate to the upstream air fuel ratio sensor and the lean conditions caused by the initial problem

P0134 (air fuel ratio [A/F] sensor [sensor 1] heater system malfunction)

P0135 (air fuel ratio [A/F] sensor [sensor 1] heater circuit malfunction)

P0171 (fuel system too lean)

P1157 (air fuel ratio [A/F] sensor [sensor 1] AFS circuit high voltage)

The cause of P0134, P0135, P0171, or P1157 on Honda Civic

Honda has determined that under-hood temperatures can cause the grease from the under-hood fuse box connector to melt and drip down the wiring harness to the air fuel sensor connector.

Fix the P0134, P0135, P0171, or P1157 issues

Purchase a new air fuel sensor # A/F Sensor #36531-RRA-013 and a

subharness Kit (includes subharness and wire ties): #06320-SNA-315.

Remove the old air fuel sensor and the sensor harness from the bracket. Then install the new 36531-RRA-013 sensor and torque to 33-ft/lbs. Connect the air fuel sensor connector to the new subharness. Then install the new subharness in the bracket. Fasten the subharness with wire ties so it loops back over itself. Then connect the subharness to the existing engine harness

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