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P2119 Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner

What causes a P2119 Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner trouble code

A P2119 Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner refers to the electronic throttle body. The P2119 trouble code is defined as: P2119 Throttle Actuator “A” Control Throttle Body Range/Performance. This throttle body is referred to as a Throttle Actuator Control (TAC). It is an electronic throttle body that responds to inputs from an electronic accelerator pedal.

The TAC incorporates a motor to open and close the throttle plate and a redundant throttle position sensor (TPS) to report exactly how much the motor has opened or closed the throttle plate.

P2119 Causes

A P2119 Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner can be caused by any of the following:

Binding throttle body, stuck open

TAC motor circuit open

TAC motor circuits are cross-wired

TAC motor harness circuits are shorted together

Broken or erratic signals from either of the redundant TPS sensors.

Damaged PCM

Diagnose the cause of P2119

Check for obstructions in the air intake system and especially around the TAC. If you have a scan tool with live data, observe the TPS data during a test drive. The readings should be smooth and logical. If the readings skip or are erratic, check with a DVOM

Open the throttle plate and check for carbon buildup

Check TPS

With the key in the RUN position but engine OFF, backprobe P2119 Ford Escapethe two TPS signal wires. Move the accelerator pedal while watching the signals for a clean sweep. If the signal is erratic, replace the TAC, since the TPS sensors are not individually replaceable.

With the engine off and key ON, check TPS 1 on terminal 4

and TPS 2 on terminal 6.

With the pedal fully released TPS1 should read 3.7-4.7-volts and TPS 2 should read 0.3-1.9-volts

With the pedal fully applied, TPS1 should read 0.7-2.9-volts and TPS 2 should read 4.1-4.7-volts

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