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Remove stuck brake bleeder screw

How to remove stuck brake bleeder screw

Don’t apply brute force to the bleeder screw

If you approach a stuck brake bleeder valve with brute force, you’ll immediately break off the nipple and hex portion of the bleeder valve. You may not care about that since you’re probably planning on replacing the entire bleeder valve once you manage to get it out. BUT, breaking off the nipple can actually make it harder to remove the remaining portion.

Many DIYers automatically apply heat to the seized fastener. That’s a really bad idea when it comes to seized bleeder screws for several reasons. First, heat can damage the caliper square cut O-ring, and that’ll force you to buy a new caliper, defeating the whole reason you’re trying to remove the bleeder screw. Second, heat expands both the bleeder screw and the caliper casting, making even harder to remove.

Shock vibration, along with rust penetrant is far more effective in breaking the rust bond. Think of rust like glue and rust penetrant as a lubricant. The shock vibration cracks the glue so the penetrant can seep in and lubricate the threads.

broken brake bleeder screw

Step 1: Pin the bleeder valve

Keep in mind that the brake bleeder valve is hollow. So any force you apply to it with a socket can cause the bleeder screw to collapse. Then you’ll have to drill it out. I’ll show you how to remove a stuck bleeder valve using the pinning method and the BB007 tool kit from S.U.R.&R.

The BB007 tool kit includes an assortment of new brake bleeder screws and caps, an assortment of “pinning rods,” and the air chisel impact tool that applies vibrating force to the pinned bleeder screw.

Step 2: Cut off excess rod and apply rust penetrant

Cut off excess rod using cutting wheel or hack saw. The point here is to fill the hollow portion of the bleeder screw. That accomplishes two things:

1. It prevents the screw from collapsing

2. It transmits shock vibration down to the very bottom of the bleeder screw to break the rust bond.

pinning a brake bleeder screw

Step 3: Apply shock vibration

Insert the impact tool into an air hammer and apply the blows directly to the head of the pinned bleeder screw for three to four seconds at a time until the bleeder screw loosens. Then remove the bleeder valve.

SUR&R BB007 Brake Bleeder Removal Tool Kit

S.U.R.&R. BB007 Brake Bleeder Removal Tool Kit

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