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Silverado dead battery

Diagnose Silverado dead battery

Shops are seeing a pattern of Silverado dead battery issues that don’t make much sensor. The car battery can die randomly. In addition to a dead battery, a GM pickup may continue to run after you’ve shut off the engine and even removed the key from the lock cylinder.

Other shops report that the Silverado backup lights stay on with the truck off. Still others report a check engine light on when the key is removed.

Silverado dead battery caused by fuse box corrosion

The Silverado fuse box on late model trucks is located under the hood and is not sealed properly against the elements. Rain and road salt can enter the fuse box, corroding the connections and caused all the above symptoms.

silverado dead battery

Check for Silverado fuse box corrosion

Remove the cover from the Silverado underhood fuse box and start removing relays. Look for the green telltale signs of corrosion. You can try cleaning the terminals and applying stabilant 22 contact conditioner or deoxit. But in most cases, you’ll have to replace the fuse box.

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