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Subaru ABS codes, Subaru Service Bulletin 06-55-16R

Subaru ABS codes, Subaru Service Bulletin 06-55-16R

Diagnose and fix Subaru ABS codes

Subaru has issued service bulletin 06-55-16R to address a brake switch issue that can cause multiple Subaru ABS codes. The bulletin pertains the vehicles and Subaru ABS trouble codes listed below and advises shops and DIYers of an updated brake light switch.

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Subaru ABS codes

C1531 or C0054 along with ABS, VCC or HSA warning light. Code definitions: Brake switch off stuck

Code Symptoms: ABS, VDC and Hill Start Assist do not function

B2813 along with Eye Sight Warning Light and Check Engine light. Code definition: Brake Switch

Code Symptoms: Eye Sight system does not function

B2817 along with Eye Sight Warning Light, Pre-Collision Brake Warning and Lane Departure Warning. Code definition: Brake Switch Brake Lamp

Code Symptoms: Eye Sight system does not function, Stop lights stay on all the time or Stop Lights don’t come on at all

P0719 along with ATF Warning Light. Code Definition: Brake Switch “B” Circuit LowB

Code symptoms: Automatic transmission will not downshift when going up a hill with gas pedal applied.

P1521 along with Check Engine light. Code Definition: Brake Switch Circuit Range

Code symptoms: Lack of power due to PCM retarding ignition timing to control engine torque. (This code will only show on 2008-11 Impreza WRS/STI sedans)

Subaru Vehicles Affected by Subaru Service Bulletin 06-55-16R

2014-16 Forester

2008-14 WRX and STI

2012-16 Impreza 2.0L

2013-16 XV Crosstrek (EXCEPT Hybrid Model)

What causes the trouble codes and warning lights?

Subaru has determined that the dielectric silicone grease in the plunger

Subaru service bulletin

Updated Subaru brake light switch 83311FJ001

area can actually reduce contact conductivity to the point where the brake light switch cannot provide a reliable ON/OFF signal. When that happens, the ABS, Hill Assist, Eye Sight and the Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control systems don’t work properly.

Subaru has redesigned the brake light switch using a non-conductive fluorine grease instead. The new brake light switch is part # 83311FJ001 and is available from the Subaru dealer. The problem switch body has a grey color, while the replacement switch is blue with a green paint dot identification. The new switch has a retail price of around $16 but you can find it online for less by searching for part # 83311FJ001

Which Subaru Vehicles have the newer switch?

You can determine if your vehicle has the new switch by checking the VIN number.

Subaru started using the new switch with these VIN numbers:

Forester G*539705

Impreza G*013102

XV Crosstrek G*267360

Installing the new brake light switch

Subaru has detailed installation and adjustment instructions that are vehicle specific, so consult a shop manual or subscribe to an online service like Eautorepair.net

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