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Subaru C1531 or C1741

Software update for Subaru C1531 or C1741

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #06-77-20R to address issues with the Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) and Hill Holder feature. The factory software causes a Subaru C1531 or C1741 trouble code and the Hill Holder and VDC warning lights to light.

C1531 Brake light switch OFF STUCK

Subaru instructs that if the driver applies slight brake pedal pressure after releasing the electronic parking brake, the VDC may incorrectly judge this as a malfunction and sets a C1531 trouble code.

In addition, if you continue to apply brake pressure, but not far enough to activate the brake lights, the VDC may incorrectly judge this as a malfunction and sets a C1741 trouble code.

Finally, if battery voltage drops below a specified value, the VDC sees it as a power irregularity when the engine is started and blinks the Hill Holder warning light, along with sounding the cancel alarm.

Subaru has issued software updates on the vehicles listed below to solve these problems.

Vehicles affected by Subaru service bulletin #06-77-20R

2015-18 Outback
2016-18 WRX

Subaru service bulletin #06-77-20R software update

This service bulletin is NOT a recall and you will be charged to perform the software update. Any shop that has programming capabilities can perform the software update. The cost to reprogram generally runs about $150 to $200, but it really depends on labor rates in your area.

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