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Subaru exhaust pipe recall

Subaru issuing recall for exhaust pipe cracks

Subaru has issued a recall #WUJ-95R regarding Subaru exhaust pipe cracks on the vehicles listed below. Subaru has determined that the exhaust noise and odor on the affected models is due to cracks at the bellows portion of the front exhaust pipe, including the catalytic converter. The exhaust leaks can also cause the vehicle’s emissions system to deteriorate and no longer meet EPA requirements.

What caused the Subaru exhaust pipe cracks?

During transportation from the supplier, the spacing between the exhaust flanges may have changed change due to vibration. Though small,  the change was enough to cause assembly line workers to force the flanges into position. That force is suspected of causing cracks to develop in the bellows resulting in exhaust leakage. Since the area of the leak is upstream of the catalyst, emission system performance may be compromised. In some cases, customers may notice an unusual noise and / or exhaust odor.

Vehicles affected by Subaru exhaust pipe recall #WUJ-95Ra

2015-2016 Legacy Production dates 12/16/2013 – 9/30/2015
2015-2016 Outback Production dates 12/09/2013-9/30/2015

Only those 243,750 vehicles with certain VINs are covered. Check if your vehicle is covered by entering your VIN at subarunet.com.

If your vehicle was manufactured during the dates above and your VIN is listed on subarunet.com, Subaru will replace the front exhaust pipe for free. Contact your nearest dealer for the replacement.

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