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Subaru hard brake pedal

Service bulletin for Subaru hard brake pedal

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #06-79-20 to address a Subaru hard brake pedal on the vehicles listed below. Subaru reports that the hard brake pedal is caused by a slow loss of vacuum from the vacuum brake booster. The leak is caused by rust accumulation caused by frequent washing of the engine or engine compartment. Subaru has issued and updated seal that installs between the master cylinder and the vacuum booster to prevent water from entering the vacuum booster.

Vehicles affected by Subaru service bulletin ##06-79-20

2010-14 Legacy and Outback
2009-20 Forester
2008-16 Impreza
2013-17 Crosstrek
02008-20 WRX

Repair the Subaru vacuum booster leak

1)      Remove the master cylinder from the vacuum booster
2)      Remove the existing seal from the back of the master cylinder
3)      Remove any rust or grease from the seal area of the booster and master cylinder
4)      Apply the special fluorine grease and silicone grease following the instructions supplied in the kit
5)      Install the new seal
6)      Install the master cylinder and torque the nuts to 9.6 ft/lbs for H4 modesl and 18.4 ft/lbs for H6 models

New Subaru updated booster seal kit part number

26449FJ002 Legacy/Outback
26497AG011 and  26449FJ061 Impreza/Crosstrek
26497AG011 and 26449FJ071 Forester
26497VA001 and 26449VA021 and 26449VA031 WRX

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