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Subaru Transmission Leak

Service bulletin for Subaru Transmission Leak

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #16-103-16R to address a Subaru transmission leak on the vehicles listed below. The vehicles listed below have the CVT transmission. Subaru has determined that the sealant used on the transmission’s oil pump chain cover and input shaft oil seal is the source of the leak. The repair requires transmission removal. Depending on the model and year, the labor required to reseal the transmission is 3.9 to 5.2 hours, plus the cost of materials. The repair is covered under the new vehicle warranty but there is no extended or goodwill warranty coverage beyond the basic coverage.

Vehicles affected by Subaru service bulletin #16-103-16R

2010-19 Legacy and Outback
2014-19 Forester
2012-19 Impreza
2013-19 Crosstrek (Exc. 19MY PHEV) 2015-19MY WRX 2019-20MY Ascent
Subaru instituted an assembly line change to the new sealer and oil seal starting with these VINs
Legacy L3002280
Outback L3100230
Ascent L3407153

Repair the Subaru transmission leaks

1)      Remove the transmission from the vehicle
2)      Remove the bolts security the oil pump chain cover and remove the cover
3)      Remove all the sealer residue. Don’t use any abrasives.
4)      Replace the input shaft oil seal with the updated version. Apply CVT fluid to the lip area before installation.
5)      Apply a bead of sealer on the oil pump chain cover, making sure than none of the sealer will ooze into the transmission.

subaru leaking transmission
6)      Torque the oil pump chain cover to 17.7 ft/lbs for the TR690 transmission
7)      Torque the oil pump chain cover to 15.5 ft/lbs for the TR580 transmission
8)      Reinstall the transmission.

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