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Subaru TPMS reset

Subaru TPMS reset procedure

How to reset Subaru TPMS light

If one of your tires drops in pressure to the point where it activates the Subaru TPMS light, here’s the procedure to reset the light. Fill all the tires to the recommended pressure listed on the label in the driver’s door pillar.

Once the tires are inflated, drive the vehicle at 25 mph for 10 minutes. That will wake up all the sensors and cause them to broadcast their pressure readings to the TPMS module. Just filling the tires in your garage or gas station will NOT reset the TPMS light. You must drive the vehicle.

If the light doesn’t reset after driving the vehicle, you may need to take it to a shop for a TPMS tool reset.

Subaru TPMS system history

Subaru first started installing TPMS sensors in their 2004 TPMS sensorwith the Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy models. In 2006, Subaru outfitted the Subaru B9 Tribeca with TPMS sensors. Then, in 2008, Subaru added TPMS sensor to all its models

All TPMS systems in Subaru vehicle are direct systems, meaning they use a tire pressure sensor in each wheel that communicates with a module in the vehicle.

Subaru blinking TPMS light

A blinking Subaru TPMS light can be caused by a malfunctioning sensor, dead sensor battery, defective harness or antenna, or a faulty TPMS module.

Subaru locates the TPMS module in various locations based on model and year. Some have the module located behind the dash, while others have it located in the trunk.

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