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Symptoms of bad harmonic balancer

Symptoms of bad harmonic balancer

Bad harmonic balancer symptom — engine vibration

The harmonic balancer’s job is to reduce pulses. When the rubber isolation/dampening ring ages and hardens, it transmits more vibration to the drive belts, causing more engine vibration.harmonic balancervibration.



Bad harmonic balancer symptom — separation

When the isolation ring fails completely, the two-piece harmonic balancer can come apart, throwing the drive belts off the pulley.



Bad harmonic balancer symptom — timing issues

Many carmakers build a toothed ring into the harmonic balancer and use that ring in combination with the crankshaft position sensor. If the toothed ring chips, rusts, or is damaged in any way, the engine timing will be off.

Bad harmonic balancer symptom — oil leak

When the neck of the harmonic balancer sits inside an oil seal, road dirt and debris can cause a wear groove in the neck of the balancer. The groove prevents the crankshaft seal from doing its job. At that point you’d see an oil leak coming from the crankshaft seal. The fix is to replace the harmonic balancer or install a repair sleeve over the worn section.

harmonic balancer failure

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