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What you should know about your AGM car battery

Important facts about your AGM car battery Many new cars are equipped with an AGM car battery. See this post to learn how they’re different. They provide many advantages over traditional flooded lead acid starting/lighting/ignition (SLI) car batteries. But they’re also more expensive and if you don’t treat them right, they’ll fail early and cost you a bundle to replace. Here’s what you need to know about your AGM battery You can’t use your old battery charger AGM batteries require a completely different charging routine and it’s low and slow. … Read More

Upgrade to an AGM car battery?

Should you upgrade to an AGM battery? Generally speaking, if your car or truck didn’t come with an AGM battery, you have be cautious about upgrading to an AGM battery because AGM batteries require a different charging routing. However, if your car or truck did come with an AGM or you have a start/stop system, you must replace it with an AGM battery. In fact, installing a standard lead-acid battery in a car or truck that requires an AGM battery can cause the new battery to explode. Yeah, not kidding. … Read More

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