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Blower motor resistor keeps failing

Why does blower motor resistor keep failing? What is a blower motor resistor? Many car makers use a blower motor resistor in conjunction with a multiple speed switch to provide three or four blower motor speeds. The blower motor resistor is really a pack of resistors wired in series. See the image below. To run on the slowest speed, the power runs through all three resistors. For each higher speed, power flows through one less resistor. Some car makers run blower motor power through the fan speed switch first, then … Read More

Honda Blower doesn’t work

Fix Honda Blower that doesn’t work Honda vehicles don’t use a traditional blower motor resistor setup to regulate blower motor speeds. So if the blower motor doesn’t work on your Honda, you’ll have to check out the blower motor power transistor instead. The Honda blower motor receivers power form the blower motor relay. Power flows to and through the motor, but the power transistor controls the connection to ground to regulate the blower speed. The blower motor power transistor receives a pulsed voltage blower speed signal from the heater control … Read More

Blower fan only works on high speed

Blower fan only works on high speed — what to check A bad blower motor resistor can cause a blower fan high only works on high speed condition The blower motor resistor is what’s responsible for giving you three blower speeds. The resistor block contains three different high resistance coils. Think of these coils like a filament in a light bulb. The coil resistance causes them to heat up, thereby reducing the amount of voltage that can flow to the blower motor. When a resistor coil burns out, you lose … Read More

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