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What causes brake rotor warp

What causes brake rotor warp Brake rotor warp — there’s no such thing When people talk about brake rotor warp, it’s usually because they’re experiencing a brake pedal pulsation or “judder.” They call it warp because it’s a common myth that heavy braking can warp a brake rotor. Brake rotors DO NOT WARP There isn’t a vehicle braking system around that can produce the 2,300°F temperature needed to warp a brake rotor. Seriously! See the temperature chart below to see what happens when brakes overheat. Brake pedal pulsation is NOT … Read More

Prevent brake rotor warp

How to prevent brake rotor warp This is part of a two-part series on brake pedal pulsation that’s described by drivers as, “Car shakes when braking.” Read this article after you’ve read PART ONE You can stop brake rotors from “warping” by following “best practices” when doing a brake job. If you skip the cleaning process, you’ll actually cause brake pedal pulsation commonly called brake rotor warping. People will tell you the car shaking when braking (pulsation) is caused by warped rotors. They’re wrong. The rotors aren’t warped. Brake pedal … Read More

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