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Serpentine belt noise Lexus

Fix Serpentine belt noise on a Lexus Lexus has discovered a problem with serpentine belt noise on some of its models that can cause a chirping or squealing noise on startup. If you own a 2001-04 GS 430, LS 430, or a 2002-04 SC 430 Lexus, and have a chirping serpentine belt nois you may want to replace the factory belt with a new part number. The new belt is made with a different rubber compound that eliminates the slipping on cold starts. The new part number is #90916-02586 for … Read More

Chirping Noise Ford Explorer

Fix a Chirping Noise on a Ford Explorer If you experience a chirping Noise Ford Explorer, Taurus, or any Ford product equipped with a cam synchronizer, the synchronizer may the cause. Technicians have been pulling out their hair out on this problem. Especially since there can be several causes. Apparently, some vehicles are prone to having a power steering pump that is not properly aligned with the other pulleys. Still others have found noisy water pumps. But the kicker here is that after replacing multiple components, it can all come … Read More

Chirping noise on Nissan Sentra

Transmission chirping noise Nissan Sentra If you’ve got a chirping noise on Nissan Sentra 02-06 with the 1.8L engine and the RE4F03B automatic transmission and it chirps during upshifts between 2nd to 3rd gear, Nissan has a fix for you. Add two 200cc bottles of a special ATF fluid conditioner #3100331X61P to the transmission. If your trans fluid level is already at the full mark when the trans is hot, you will have to drain some fluid off before pouring in the additive.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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