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How to clean your engine bay

Steps to safely clean your engine bay Don’t even think about using a pressure washer to clean your engine bay or remove grease from your engine. A pressure washer will force water into electrical connectors causing a no start condition when you’re done. Here’s the safe way to remove grease and clean your engine bay safely. Start by protecting the electronics Buy a few boxes of static cling and Press’n Seal wrap from a discount store. Wrap all electrical connectors in the engine compartment with either the cling or Press’n … Read More

Clean your engine

Best way to clean your engine and engine compartment If you have a greasy engine or want to clean the engine compartment you have to do some preparation beforehand. I’ll walk you through the engine cleaning prep process and give you some tips on the best way to clean your engine. Park the car in an area where you can catch the runoff Whether you use a solvent based degreaser or a water based degreaser to clean your engine, you still have to do this in an environmentally safe way. … Read More

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