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Coolant recovery tank

What does a coolant recovery tank do? In simple terms, a coolant recovery tank is a reservoir designed to collect hot coolant from the radiator as the coolant expands. Once the engine shuts down and the coolant in the radiator contracts, vacuum developed in the radiator draws coolant back into the radiator so it’s full at all times. The confusion about whether coolant expands Despite what other “experts” have stated, engine coolant does in deed expand as it heats up—all liquids do. The people who say water doesn’t expand as … Read More

Replace a coolant recovery tank

Don’t bother trying to fix a coolant tank Car makers have used a plastic coolant tank for a long time. But 10 years ago they weren’t pressurized. The pressure stayed in the radiator and was held in place with the radiator cap. The coolant tank was just for overflow caused by the coolant’s expansion and contraction. But then car makers lowered the radiator to accommodate aerodynamic low slopping hoods and they couldn’t provide access to the radiator cap. Plus, since the radiators sat so low, air bubbles would rise to … Read More

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