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Why correct tire pressure is so important

Correct tire pressure is really important All tires lose 1 to 3-psi of pressure per month, so making sure you have the correct tire pressure is important to getting the most life from your tires. An underinflated tire costs in you lower gas mileage and lower tire life. Worse yet, it increases your chances of skidding off the road or stopping in time to avoid an accident. The correct (recommended) tire pressure is listed on a placard located on the side of the driver’s door or on the driver’s pillar. … Read More

What’s the correct tire pressure?

What’s the correct tire pressure? People ask this all the time. Each car maker installs a label either on the bottom edge of the driver’s door or the driver’s side pillar. It shows the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle. The manufacturer calculates the pressure for your particular car based on the weight of your engine, transmission, and accessories and the load rating of the tires. If you change to a different size tire with the same load rating, guess what, the weight of your vehicle hasn’tt changed and you … Read More

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