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What is a CV Joint

What is a CV Joint and how does it fail? What is a CV Joint? A constant velocity, or CV oint is a flexible joint used on a drive axle to allow for up and down and left and right turning movements while still providing turning power to the wheels. CV joints are often used in place of universal joints on both front and rear wheel drive vehicles because they offer a greater range of flex. What is a half shaft? A half shaft assembly consists of an inner plunging … Read More

What is a CV joint?

How is a CV joint different than a U-joint? Why use a CV joint instead of a U-joint? A CV joint is commonly used on front wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) cars and trucks. Constant velocity (CV) joints are used on each end of a drive shaft to allow the drive shaft to supply rotating power to the wheels yet allow the drive shaft to move up and down as the vehicle goes over bumps. CV joints also allow the drive shaft to supply power to front wheels, … Read More

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