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Daytime running lights don’t work GM

Daytime running lights don’t work GM If you own a GM truck or SUV and the daytime running lights don’t work, check out the daytime running light (DRL) relay or wiring. The DRL relay is located in the convenience center. It’s the center relay. Turn the key to OFF and test the two terminals to the relay. They should have power. If you don’t see power, check fuse #4 and #15 in the dash fuse box. If those fuses are OK, then check for an open diode. The orange wire … Read More

Headlights flickering

Why do my headlights flicker? Every manufacturer has their share of problems with daytime running lights and Headlights flickering. Basically the system senses that the vehicle is running and the headlight switch is off. Programmed conclusion? Must be daylight, otherwise the driver would turn on the headlights. Other systems have light sensors. The Chrysler Daytime Running Light system gets screwed up by corrosion in the intelligent power module. Some GM vehicles fail due to a cracked Daytime Running Light resistor (computer provides power to the headlights, but runs it through … Read More

Headlight Problems Chrysler minivan

Fix a headlight problem on a minivan If you have Headlight Problems Chrysler minivan, read this article. They’ve made the system so complicated that in some cases you need a scan tool to find out what’s wrong. Don’t own a $3,000 scan tool? Well, you can still do some of your own diagnostics. But first you have to understand the method behind Chrysler’s madness. It’s like Old Mcdonald’s Farm Chrysler wants every switch to go through a computer. Then one computer talks to another. The first computer is called the … Read More

DRL indicator flashes B2600

My daytime running light indicator flashes and there’s a code B2600 GM has issued a TSB #07-08-42-002A regarding troublesome daytime running lights. The symptoms whereDRL indicator flashes B2600: 1) daytime running lights may not work at all 2) DRL indicator on instrument panel flashes and goes out 3) Trouble code B2600 comes up during code scan. The TSB applies to 2005-06 Chevrolet Equinox, 2006 Pontiac Torrent, 2002-07 Saturn VUE The cause of the problem is most likely a cracked DRL resistor. Follow this procedure to inspect and correct. The parking … Read More

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