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Prevent a dead car battery in winter

How to prevent a dead car battery in winter Dead car battery Rule #1 Clean the battery terminals Corrosion on your battery terminals is a major cause of a dead battery in winter weather. Corrosion causes increased electrical resistance which means your alternator has a harder time recharging your battery. The corrosion also reduces the amount of power available to crank the engine. What color is the battery corrosion? The color of the corrosion on the battery terminals can give you an idea of the battery’s condition. White powdery buildup … Read More

Dead car battery symptoms

What are the signs of a dead car battery Symptoms of a dead battery You turn the key and the engine starts cranking, but it sounds like this. This is the dead ringer sound of a dead car battery. Happened to you? That’s the sign of a dead battery. Here’s how to double check: Check battery voltage with a voltmeter Normal battery voltage should be between 12.25 and 12.75 volts. You need that much to start a vehicle. Set your meter to DC volts and attach the red lead to … Read More

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