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No crank no start – Chrysler vehicles

My Chrysler won’t start No crank no start Chrysler has issued a TSB #08-007-08 to address problems with No crank no start – Chrysler vehicles on 2006-08 Dodge 1500-5500 series Ram trucks and 2007-08 Jeep Wrangle, Compass, and Patriot, 2008 Jeep Liberty and Cherokee, 2007-08 Avenger / Sebring, 2007-08 Caliber, and 2006-08 Chrysler PT Cruiser vehicles. The problem occurs most often in dry or cold conditions and is caused by static electricity latching up the keyless entry module. You can “reboot” the module by either disconnecting the negative battery cable or … Read More

Parking lights turn on by themselves — Dodge Pickup

Parking lights turn on by themselves — Dodge Pickup Talk about electrical gremlins, these parking lights turn on by themselves! Owners of 2004 Dodge Ram Pickups are reporting instances where the parking lamps turn on by themselves. In other cases, owners report that front turn signals light up but not the rear lights. There are two pattern failure points on these vehicles. First, check the Integrated Power Control box under the hood. Chrysler has re-designed this fuse box to prevent water from entering and corroding the internal connections. Look for … Read More

P0405, P0406 – Ram, Jeep

Fix trouble codes P0405, P0406 – Ram, Jeep Dodge has disclosed a problem with P0405, P0406 on some 2006-07 Ram Trucks and Durangos and Jeep Grand Cherokees and Commanders. All of these vehicles were built before 2-15-07 and may light up the “Check Engine” light and store P0404, P0405, or P0406 EGR position sensor codes. Check the EGR with a scanner, but chances are the codes are “false codes: due to a programming error in the PCM. The fix involves reflashing the PCM with software release 7.03 SP1 or higher. … Read More

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