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Engine overheats — how to diagnose

Engine overheats — What to check Engine overheating can be caused by many things. But to diagnose it properly, we need a bit more information. • Is it overheating at highway speeds, or • Is it overheating in stop and go traffic, or • Does your car overheat only when stopped and idling? First things to check if your car is overheating in city driving or at stops. #1 Check your coolant level. If there’s no coolant in the reservoir, you’ve got a leak or a head gasket problem where … Read More

Engine Overheats – GM vehicles

Engine Overheats No radiator fans on GM vehicles, Chevrolet, Impala, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac GM uses a pretty nifty technique to control the radiator fans on late model vehicles. The system consists of two fans and three relays. When the powertrain control module (PCM) detects the need for cooling from the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) at 223 degrees or refrigerant pressure above 190-psi., it provides a ground signal to the low speed fan relay. Power flows to one fan, and the ground for that fan flows to the second fan. … Read More

Most common causes of engine overheating

Most common causes of engine overheating Here are the most common causes of engine overheating Low on coolant Bad thermostat Inoperative radiator fan Clogged radiator fins Clogged radiator Worn out water pump Damaged head gasket Check coolant level first if your engine overheats Low coolant makes the car overheat at idle but the temp gauge may show lower temps at highway speeds. At idle, the water pump rotates at a slower speed, and with less coolant in the system, it overheats. But at highway speeds, the water pump runs at … Read More

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