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Fuse blows when using power windows Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon

Fuse blows when using power windows Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon GM has issued a technical service bulletin PIT3164B to address a fuse problem on the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup. If you own either of these vehicles and find that fuse #43 in the UBEC blows when you operate the power windows, the cause may be one of two things. First, if your vehicle was built prior to May 31, 2004 inspect the wiring harness at the hinge door check link area. The wires in that location can chafe … Read More

Cranks but won’t start F-450

Cranks but won’t start F-450 If fuse #30 in the engine compartment fuse box blows repeatedly and it Cranks but won’t start, along with no “Wait to start light,” and no Check Engine light, start your diagnosis by unhooking the fuel heater connector containing the red/light green wire on the rear of the fuel filter water separator assembly. If that solves the blown fuse problem, replace the fuel heater. © 2007 Rick Muscoplat  

Ford diesel no start

My Ford diesel won’t start If you run into a Ford diesel no start situation with your Ford 7.3L diesel where it cranks but will not start and you find you have no communication with your scan tool, chances are good that you have a shorted fuel line heater. The other symptoms of a failed heater are: 1. Blown 30A fuse 2. No “Wait to Start” light when first starting engine 3. Check Engine light. To test the fuel line heater, first disconnect it. You’ll find the connector at the … Read More

Ford gauge fuse blows

Why does the gage fuse blow on my Ford F-350 Shops are reporting a high incidence of Ford gauge fuse blows in Ford F-350 Super Duty 7.3L diesel trucks. Fuse 45 in the fuse box keeps blowing. When that happens, you lose the entire instrument cluster. In addition, the engine will not accelerate—it will only idle. The problem is a shorted wire inside the steering column that goes to the overdrive cancel switch at the end of the shift lever. To check, remove the plastic cover shrouds from the column. … Read More

EFI Fuse blows – Toyota

My EFI Fuse blows on my Toyota Many Toyota owners have a problem with the electronic fuel injection (EFI) fuse blowing repeatedly. Here are some things to check: 1) The wires around the EGR tube for melting or fraying. 2) The wires near the EGR vacuum switching valve (VSV) located under the intake manifold. 3) Wires pinched between the intake manifold and the cylinder head. 4) Wires pinched anywhere along the valve cover. 5) Check injector wiring for any pinched locations. 6) Run an amp test on the fuel pump. … Read More

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