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Gas nozzle shuts off on Subaru

Diagnose and fix a gas Gas nozzle shuts off on Subaru Shops are reporting a high incidence of customer problems when filling with gas. The gas nozzle shuts off prematurely, forcing the driver to squeeze the fuel nozzle trigger multiple times. Ordinarily this would point to a problem with the EVAPORATIVE emissions system. But in these cases, the EVAP system worked fine. See this post for more information on evaporative emissions systems and how they work. Subaru has identified a problem with the fuel filler neck hose on 2010-12 Legacy … Read More

Gas nozzle shuts off, check engine light

Gas nozzle shuts off, check engine light Gas tank hard to fill, gas nozzle shuts off Diagnose and fix gas nozzle shuts off, check engine light GM If you have a check engine light on and a gas tank hard to fill where the gas nozzle shuts off, this post is for you. GM has issued a service bulletin 09-06-04-028D to address these issues on the vehicles listed below. In addition to the symptoms listed above, you may also have any of these trouble codes: P0442 P0446 P0455 P0449 Vehicles … Read More

Gas nozzle shuts off before tank is full GM vehicles

Why does the gas nozzle shut off before tank is full GM vehicles P0446, Gas nozzle shuts off before tank is full, can’t fill tank GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 07-06-04-023 to address problems when refueling certain vehicles. You may be unable to fill the tank beyond ¾ full or less. No matter how many times you try, the gas nozzle will shut off by itself. The bulletin applies to the following vehicles 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx 2007-2008 Saturn Aura As you fill the gas tank, vapors … Read More

Why does the gas nozzle shuts off before tank is full

Fix early gas nozzle shutoff before tank is full Kia Sorento Owners of 2003-06 Kia Sorento vehicles may find that the Gas nozzle shuts off before tank is full. If you haven’t done your recommended maintenance you may be causing the problem yourself. Your maintenance manual advises you to change the fuel tank air filter every 30,000 miles. Have you done that? If not, point the finger at yourself. The fuel tank air filter prevents dirt from entering the gas tank when the engine computer commands a charcoal canister air … Read More

Slow filling fuel tank Ford Escape Mariner

Why does it take so long to fill gas tank Ford Escape Mariner Some Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner may experience Slow filling fuel tank when the weather is cold. The symptoms and cause are different than the other slow fuel filling problem mentioned here. You may or may not also have a trouble code P0451 when experiencing this problem. A frozen fuel filler vent line is usually the cause. To fix the problem shorten and re-route the vent line. Remove the gas cap. Jack up the vehicle and remove the … Read More

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