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Instrument Cluster and Dead Gauges

Fix dead Instrument Cluster and Dead Gauges Owners of Ford F-series trucks may experience a dead Instrument Cluster and Dead Gauges. This is usually caused by an open condition in the ground wire from the cluster. To diagnose the problem, remove the cluster and check the 20-pin connector that is connected to the rear of the cluster. Using a digital multimeter, connect the meter’s red probe to terminal 20 (red/yellow wire) to confirm the presence of battery voltage (key on, engine off) (black wire to ground). All the warning lights should … Read More

Dead gauges on Ford Truck

My gauges don’t work on my Ford Truck Dead gauges (instrument cluster) are always a royal pain. Here’s a quick way to determine whether you have a wiring problem or a dead cluster. Check these fuses (interior fuse panel) with a voltmeter or computer safe test light (not just a “look-see—really test them): Fuse #33 (15A) Fuse #45 (10A) Fuse #35 (10A) Fuse #41 (10A) Next, remove the instrument cluster and check for voltage or ground on these wires. Battery voltage on: Red/yellow (pin 20), black/light green (pin 12), light … Read More

Gauges don’t work – GM

If you own a GM product your gauges don’t work, read this. GM is having trouble with gauges on some 03-04 full size trucks. The gauges act wacky, with the speedometer shooting up or sticking. GM has extended warranty coverage on these of 7 years/70,000 miles. Before you fork over the money for a new instrument cluster, check with the dealer. It is special policy #07187A   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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