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Overheating problems Cavalier

My Cavalier Overheats Owners of GM 2.4 engines may encounter overheating problems that drive them crazy. If you’ve checked the thermostat, water pump, and radiator and still can’t find the cause, pressure clean the heater core. That’s right, the heater core. This engine setup uses returning coolant from the heater core to open the thermostat. If the heater core is pluggled, the thermostat won’t open and you wind up with an overheating problem. GM wants the heat to get to the heater core first. If the heater core is plugged, … Read More

Misfires – caused by alarm system

What causes a Misfire? Sometimes it’s your alarm system If you’re getting misfires and can’t find the source but have installed an aftermarket alarm  the alarm may be causing them. GM has determined that aftermarket alarm systems that use mechanical relays wired into the ignition system can generate actual ignition misfires that are serious enough to damage the catalytic converter. Mechanical relays have contact points mounted on a spring. Vehicle movement, pot holes, bumps, etc., can jolt the contacts enough to interrupt the ignition circuit for a few milliseconds. That’s … Read More

ABS TCS lights on C1223, C1225

C1223, C1225 ABS TCS lights on GM vehicle GM did it again. If you have a C1223, C1225 ABS TCS lights on condition, a wire harness problem might be the cause of an ABS/Traction control light on in 2003-04 Chevy Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfires. The traction control gets its information from the ABS system, so a faulty sensor reading will automatically shut down the traction control system. The problem is usually on the left side and is caused by the wires separating from the connector. So a meter reading will … Read More

Low coolant light on

If you own a GM vehicle and have a low coolant light on but the coolant level is fine, this may be the fix. You have a low coolant light on and you’ve checked the coolant level. It’s right on the money. Suspecting a faulty sensor, you decide to replace it. STOP. If your vehicle has the 3.1 or 3.4 engine and you’ve had the intake manifold gaskets replaced, or if you’ve added sealer to the system, you may have contamination on the sensor. To confirm that this is the … Read More

Transmission Flush

Should I get a transmission flush? All the quick oil change places push transmission flush services. But are they a good idea? UPDATE GM recently issued a technical service bulletin to their dealers regarding flushing services. I’ve posted it here. But if you want the short version, GM does NOT recommend engine flushing, nor does it recommend TRANSMISSION flushing. Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and most other car makers has issued the same warnings. Here it is: TSB #04-06-01-029G September 27, 2012 “..many of your service departments merchandise supplemental services and fluids to … Read More

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