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Headlight doesn’t work with new bulb

Headlight doesn’t work with new bulb What causes a headlight doesn’t work condition? If your headlight doesn’t work with a new bulb, there are five possible causes: Blown fuse Damaged headlight connector or wiring harness issue Inoperative headlight relay (if equipped) or faulty junction box Faulty headlight switch Body control module issue Step 1 Check for power and ground in the headlight connector Set your meter to DC volts. Turn on the low beams. On a 2-terminal connector, connect the probes the two terminals. If power and ground present, your … Read More

Headlights don’t work

My headlights don’t work I see the “My headlights don’t work” question on auto forums every day. The forum posts always leave out critical information like year, make, model, as if every vehicle is wired the same way. I encourage you to click on the wiring diagram jpg below to open up a PDF of wiring diagrams. I show three ways carmaker use to control headlights. But there are at least six other ways to do it. So if your headlights don’t work, whether the brake lights don’t come on, … Read More

Headlight doesn’t work Dodge Caravan

Fix Headlights don’t work Dodge Caravan If you own a 2001-02 Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager and you’re having trouble with your headlights, your problem may be a bad circuit board in the Integrated Power Module (IPM). Chrysler has been having LOTs of problems with these circuit boards corroding. The circuit is somewhat complicated, but here’s the quick description. The headlight switch does NOT actually switch power to the headlights. It’s just a signal to the body control system. The body control system uses a high speed data circuit to … Read More

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