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When to replace headlights

How long do headlight bulbs last? Most people don’t replace headlights until they burn out. That’s a big mistake. All incandescent headlight bulbs (with a filament) dim with use and that means you’ll have a harder time seeing (see filament deposits below). So it pays to replace headlight bulbs BEFORE they burn out to get maximum light on the road. In fact, by the time your bulbs reach the two year mark, light output has already been reduced by about 20%. More than half of all drivers never replace their … Read More

No headlights Chevrolet Prizm

No headlights Chevrolet Prizm This article is No headlights Chevrolet Prizm In the good old days you’d turn on the headlights and the lights would go on. If they didn’t, you could follow the power from the fuse box, through the headlight switch and then to the headlights. Well, those days are gone forever. Now, instead of actually switching power to the headlights, the headlight switch is used to signal the daytime running lamps module (DRL) which controls the headlights. Power runs from the gauge fuse to the DRL. Power … Read More

Headlights flickering

Why do my headlights flicker? Every manufacturer has their share of problems with daytime running lights and Headlights flickering. Basically the system senses that the vehicle is running and the headlight switch is off. Programmed conclusion? Must be daylight, otherwise the driver would turn on the headlights. Other systems have light sensors. The Chrysler Daytime Running Light system gets screwed up by corrosion in the intelligent power module. Some GM vehicles fail due to a cracked Daytime Running Light resistor (computer provides power to the headlights, but runs it through … Read More

Headlight Problems Chrysler minivan

Fix a headlight problem on a minivan If you have Headlight Problems Chrysler minivan, read this article. They’ve made the system so complicated that in some cases you need a scan tool to find out what’s wrong. Don’t own a $3,000 scan tool? Well, you can still do some of your own diagnostics. But first you have to understand the method behind Chrysler’s madness. It’s like Old Mcdonald’s Farm Chrysler wants every switch to go through a computer. Then one computer talks to another. The first computer is called the … Read More

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