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AC doesn’t work Honda Acura

Fix AC doesn’t work Honda Acura AC compressor doesn’t work, blower motor doesn’t work on Honda, Acura Honda and Acura air conditioning systems are set up so the AC compressor will not kick in if there’s a problem with the blower motor. You cannot fix the AC problem until you resolve the blower motor problem first. A blower motor problem will set a trouble code in the climate control system. To get variable speed, Honda doesn’t use a blower motor resistor block. Instead, it uses a blower motor power transistor. … Read More

Water pump leak

Water pump leak Stop water pump leaks by using only the factory antifreeze For decades we all used the green coolant. It worked well as long as we changed it at least once every 2 years or 24,000 miles. The ethylene glycol helped dissipate heat better than water alone, and it prevented freezing in the winter. It also had some really important additives. First, it contained a water pump lubricant to keep the two rotating carbon seals inside the water running smoothly. The coolant was also loaded with silicates. The … Read More

Honda crankshaft bolt removal

Best way to remove crankshaft bolt from a Honda engine You want to do your own timing belt replacement so you can save a few hundred dollars. But the first thing you discover is that you don’t know how to do a Honda crankshaft bolt removal. Some folks have tried attaching a long breaker bar and socket to the bolt and wedging the breaker bar against the concrete floor. Then, they go inside the car and bump the starter. The quick snapping force can sometimes break the bolt loose. It … Read More

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