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Honda P0325, P1009

Honda P0325, P1009 Shops are reporting a high incidence of Honda P0325, P1009 trouble codes. The Honda P1009 is an enhanced manufacturer specific code defined as: P1009 Variable Timing Control System Advance Malfunction – Automatic Transmission. Honda has issued a service bulletin #08-089 to address the P1009 issue on the vehicles listed below. Honda P1009 vehicles affected by service bulletin #08-089 2005-08 CR-V 2009 CR-V 2WD VIN 5J6RE38..9L000001 through 5JRE38..9L000019, and 3CZRE38..9G70000a through 3CZRE38..9G700490, and JHLRE38..9C000001 through JHLRE38..9C997328 2009 CR-V 4WD VIN 5J6RE48..9L000001 through 5J6RE48..9L000025, and JHLRE48..9C000001 through JHLRE48..9C007328 Fix … Read More

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