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Speedometer wrong – Chrysler minivan

Speedometer wrong – Chrysler minivan Speedometer wrong–Speedometer shows speed when standing still, Dodge, Grand Caravan, Town & Country, Plymouth Voyager If you own a Grand Caravan, Town & Country, or Plymouth Voyager and find that the speedometer is showing speed when you’re at a stop, it can only be caused by a few things. The speedometer gets its signal from the from the PCM based on digital data it gets from the transmission control module via the data bus. The transmission control module gets the speed signal from the output … Read More

Dead gauges GM trucks

Fix Dead gauges GM trucks GM has issued a Technical Service Bulletin (1549143) for Dead gauges GM trucks 2001-05 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierras equipped with the Allison LCT1000 transmission. The instrument cluster can be erratic, drop out, become inoperative, or result in a trouble code of P0721, C0237, P0500, C0055. In addition, the transmission may exhibit trouble shifting. Also, the ABS light can illuminate. The problem may be caused by a bad vehicle speed sensor (VSS) or a damaged reluctor wheel. The Allison tranmission sends a speed signal to … Read More

Speedometer needle on wrong side of peg – Caravan

My speedometer needle is on the wrong side of peg – Caravan Drivers may find that the speedometer needle is on the wrong side of the stop peg after charging or changing the battery or cleaning the battery terminals. You do NOT need to remove the instrument cluster to fix this problem. Insert the key in the ignition. Then press and hold the trip odometer reset button until you see “Sof” appear along with a software version number (like Sof 3.2). The cluster will then display any trouble codes and … Read More

Instrument Cluster Jeep

Fix Instrument Cluster on a Jeep This Instrument Cluster Jeep tech tip should come under the heading, “what were those engineers smoking when they designed this system?” These vehicles use a data bus that allows several computers to exchange digital data. The computers that talk to one another are: the body control module (BCM) electronic vehicle information center (EVIC), controller anti-lock brake (CAB), the radio, driver door module (DDM), passenger door module (PDM), automatic temperature control module (ATC), airbag control module (ABCM), powertrain control module (PCM), and the instrument cluster. … Read More

Gauges don’t work – GM

If you own a GM product your gauges don’t work, read this. GM is having trouble with gauges on some 03-04 full size trucks. The gauges act wacky, with the speedometer shooting up or sticking. GM has extended warranty coverage on these of 7 years/70,000 miles. Before you fork over the money for a new instrument cluster, check with the dealer. It is special policy #07187A   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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