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Reset oil light Ford Lincoln Mercury vehicles

How to Reset oil light Ford Lincoln Mercury vehicles For model years 2008 and newer 1. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting en¬gine). 2. Press and release the SELECT/RESET stem to display “OIL LIFE XXX% HOLD RESET = NEW.” 3. Press and hold the SELECT/RESET stem for two seconds and release to reset the oil life to 100%. 4. Turn the ignition off, and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset. © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Reset oil life monitor BMW

How to Reset oil life monitor BMW For BMW model years 2006-2010 try this manual sequence first However, the oil life monitor cannot be reset manually on many late model BMW vehicles. You must use a reset tool. See the tools below.   1. Turn ignition key one click or press of the START/STOP button. 2. Press and hold the Instrument Cluster Set/Reset button for 10 seconds. 3. The upper display will illuminate an icon for a service item. With each icon, the lower instrument cluster will display the mileage … Read More

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