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Diagnose P1128 Chrysler vehicles

Diagnose and fix P1128 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep A P1128 Closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved – Bank 1 means that the PCM isn’t seeing the O2 readings it needs to change from open loop (default factory programming determines air/fuel mixture) to closed loop (PCM varies air/fuel mixture based on live readings from all sensors). If order to set a P1128 trouble code, the PCM must see that the O2 sensor on bank 1 hasn’t met the conditions to go into closed loop at least one time on each of two consecutive … Read More

P1128 Chrysler Dodge

Fix code P1128 Chrysler or Dodge Getting a P1128 trouble code on a Chrysler or Dodge product may lead you to believe you’ve go a bad thermostat or engine coolant temperature sensor because P1128 is: P1128 Closed loop fueling not achieved Bank 1 The symptoms appear as hesitation, stalling, misfire. The stalling may be intermittent and can sometimes happen when the transmission is shifting gears, or when switching from drive to reverse. If you have a scan tool attached when this happens, you can sometimes notice a bad signal coming … Read More

Erratic speedometer on Honda Civic

Fix Erratic speedometer on Honda Civic Speedometer erratic, blows fuse, charging system intermittent on Honda Civic P0135, P0141, P1128, P1297 Shops report that a chaffed wiring harness near the bottom of the intake manifold can short out the Black/yellow or black/white wires causing fuse #15 to blow repeatedly. It can also cause the speedometer to move erratically and the charging system to work intermittently. Inspect the wiring harness near that area and fix the chaffed wires to correct the problem. The problem is found on 1996-2000 Honda Civics with the … Read More

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