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P0443, P1443, P1444, P1445 – Ford

Fix trouble codes P0443, P1443, P1444, P1445 – Ford For a P1433 code, check for loose, broken, kinked, or disconnected fuel vapor return hoses. Check the wiring harness issues discussed above. For a P1444 code, check the purge flow sensor connector. You may find a broken VPWR pin, or it may be damaged. Also check for a possible purge flow sensor harness signal that may be shorted to power ground. Finally, check for damaged wiring as described above. For a P1445 code, check possible purge flow sensor harness signal or … Read More


Fix Trouble code P0446 on GM vehicles GM has issued a TSB (#04-06-0055) for code P0446 on 2000-03 Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC full size utility trucks. The charcoal canister stores gasoline vapors from the tank. When certain driving conditions are met, the computer supplies power to the purge and vent solenoids. The purge solenoid opens the vacuum line between the canister and the intake manifold and engine vacuum sucks the vapors out of the charcoal. The vent solenoid opens a fresh air line into the canister. If these vehicles are … Read More

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