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Superheat AC

What is Superheat? At first, superheat can be a very confusing concept. But when you understand how AC actually works, it makes a lot of sense. In fact, once you understand what superheat is, you can use it to diagnose any AC system, home or auto. How AC works Refrigerant is a chemical that has an extremely low boiling point. For automotive use, many car makers use R-134a refrigerant which boils at -15.34°F. To make auto AC work, the system meters liquid R034a through a small port and into an … Read More

What is superheat?

How is Superheat generated in car AC systems? Superheat is usually an indication of low refrigerant charge Superheat in a car AC system isn’t a good thing. Car AC systems work by metering high pressure liquid refrigerant into an evaporator.  The current refrigerant R-134a has a boiling point of -15.4°F. It enters the evaporator as a liquid. As air passes across the evaporator fins, the air heats the refrigerant to its boiling point, where it changes from liquid to gas. If the system is properly charged, the refrigerant will only … Read More

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