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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Dodge Grand Caravan

How does the tire Pressure Monitoring Systems work on Dodge Grand Caravan In 2009 models, Chrysler used two different tire pressure monitoring systems (TPM). The base system alerts the driver when one or more driving tires are low (the spare is not monitored). If more than one tire is low, the base system cannot tell the driver that information. The pressure sensors are located in the valve stem. The sensors transmit to the central receiver located in the wireless ignition node (WIN). The premium TPM system also has pressure sensors … Read More

TPMS light on in cold weather

TPMS light on in cold weather —the relationship to outside temperature The tire pressure light is designed to notify the driver when tire pressure is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommendations. Outside temperature affects tire pressure Every 10° change in tire temperature results in a 1 psi difference in air pressure. So if your tire was already low on air and outside temperature dipped during the night, you could start the morning with a glowing TPMS light. So it’s common in Fall and Spring, when temperatures vary widely to have a … Read More

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