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What is Traction control and stability control?

How does Traction control and stability control work? Many drivers don’t understand the difference between Traction control amd stability control and how they work. Here’s a summary of a system used in Ford vehicles. But other manufacturer’s systems are similar. TCS and SCS systems uses the following components Wheel speed sensors ABS wheel speed sensors to detect when a wheel is locked during stop or spinning faster than the other wheels during acceleration. Electronic brake distribution (EBD) and Hydraulic control unit (HCU) The Electronic brake distribution (EBD) uses the HCU … Read More

C0561 traction control code

Fix code C0561 traction control code Code C0561 comes in two forms. C0561-71 System disabled Information stored invalid serial data received C0561-72 System disabled Information stored alive counter incorrect. C codes are considered “chassis” code. This particular code is for GM and relates to the traction control system. The traction control system gets its data from the ABS system. When it detects one wheel spinning faster than the others, or one wheel locking up, it activates the traction control system. Depending on the generation of traction control, the system will … Read More

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