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Fault code types

Fault code types — four types of trouble codes Understanding the four types of trouble fault codes Current fault codes A current trouble fault code means the computer has detected a condition that has exceeded a pre-programmed threshold limit and the situation still exists, so it sets a fault code and turns on the check engine light. The fault code will start a letter to describe which system within the vehicle is experiencing the fault, along with numbers and letters. Using a shop manual to find the definition of the … Read More

No check engine light but codes

My check engine light is on but no codes Many car makers design their computers to alert the driver of a problem by turning on the check engine light and storing a trouble code in the computer’s memory. If a problem occurs but does not meet the software’s threshold for the number of times the problem must occur before lighting the check engine light, the trouble code may be stored as a PENDING CODE. In that case, you could scan the computer and find a code, even though the light … Read More

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