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Air bag light on Ford Escape

Ford Escape Air bag light is on trouble code B1994 Ford has issued a Technical Service Bulleting (TSB) 04-26-12 to address a problem with the airbags on 2001-04 Ford Escape vehicles. The air bag code B1994 translates to B1994 Driver side, side mount airbag circuit open. The Ford TSB advises that the problem my be due to an electrical variation at connector C337 on the passenger side or C367 on the driver’s side at the body harness wire terminal crimp. The fix is to install a replacement body harness pigtail. … Read More

Turn off airbag light, clear airbag codes

Turn off airbag light, clear airbag codes Acura Acura vehicles made prior to 2006 Airbag codes can be read using a jumper wire. Count the flashes on the airbag dash light. Each code is two digits and is counted by quick flashes and pauses. So a flash, flash, pause, flash equates to a code 21 on the fault code chart. Clear the codes with a jumper wire or by a specific brand scanner. Acura vehicles made after 2006 and vehicles equipped with an Occupant Classification System (OCS), require a vehicle … Read More

Why is my airbag light on

How to diagnose and fix an Airbag light on condition Got an Airbag light on and you just want to clear the airbag code? I’ve got news for you; the airbag system conducts a check every time you turn the key. If you clear the code and the light comes back on, THERE’S a problem with the airbag system. What causes and airbag light on condition? The supplemental restraint system (SRS) consist of at least one airbag, some type of impact or g-force sensor, seat belt pretensioners, passenger seat detection … Read More

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