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VIN Number

VIN Number — Decoder A vehicle’s VIN number is a unique identifier that includes the vehicle manufacturer’s name, where the vehicle was manufactured, the model year, engine identification and serial number. There are at four competing standards used to calculate the VIN. FMVSS 115, Part 565: Used in United States and Canada ISO 3779: Used in Europe and many other parts of the world SAE J853: Very similar to the ISO standard ADR 61/2 used in Australia, referring to ISO 3779 and 3780 For vehicles made or manufactured outside the … Read More

VIN decoder

How to decode my VIN number What is a VIN number? It’s a series of numbers and letters that identify the carmaker, the engine, model year, and other important information specific to your vehicle. Where were VIN numbers started? In the U.S. the federal government required the American Manufacturers Association to develop a system to categorize and classify all motor vehicles in a standardized manner. Unfortunately, each automaker had its own classification system. That caused confusion. So the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) required a standardized 17-digit VIN format starting … Read More

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